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What Brides Should Know Inland Empire Bridal Hair

Weddings can be a minefield. I have asked Inland Empire Bridal Hair professionals what they think brides should know before they go in to order services. Here are some fantastic and honest replies to what brides should know.

A Banqueting Manager said ‘I wish they knew how hard that my staff and I work for each and every one of them! If they knew this, they wouldn’t be so stressed out.’

Another Banqueting Manager said “We find many brides disappointed when trying to find a venue when they set their wedding date before touring venues. We found brides that tour venues and check out dates that are available find their planning process less stressful.’

Another Banqueting Manager said “I also praise those Brides who book well in advance; I believe that there is a certain amount of pleasure to be enjoyed while planning a wedding. Enjoy every meeting, check off the milestones, it’s all part of that journey to that special day! I invite my brides and grooms to meet with their planners and other vendors at our facility. Their venue to be a place that they are comfortable in, and know that they are welcome to visit.”

Lesson: Plan ahead and once you have booked your supplier, trust them for Inland Empire Bridal Hair!

An Independent Caterer said “Brides should have a timeline. Often they come to me before they have a venue selected. Selecting the venue, garden, home residence sets the tone immediately. Immediately they can deduct from the budget they have. Then seek out a reputable caterer who should do a walkthrough of the venue and get a sense of the bride’s style and personality. A good full service caterer can help select a budget friendly menu with a variety of options.”

A Professional DJ/Wedding Host said ‘I would prefer a bride and groom know and understand the difference between a DJ and a DJ who is also a “Professional Wedding Host”.

Inland Empire Bridal Hair can MC and save the Best Man’s nerves!

Full service Bridal Show owners said ‘Brides need a condensed version of things they need to do and know before talking to their first vendor or trying on their first wedding dress. The number of brides who come into my store thinking they have plenty of time to buy/order their wedding dress with only two or three months before the wedding is under a big misconception.’

Another Bridal Shop Owner said “I wish more brides knew that preowned dresses can help them get a quality gown for so much less, AND that if they can let go of their gown quickly after the wedding, they can recoup one of their major expenses and use the money for something more useful in their new life.”

Lesson: Know your timelines ( does a great one and I will have one soon too!) and keep up to date with your ‘To Do’ lists.

An Event Décor and Floral Designer said ‘We wish brides had an idea of what they were looking for in their flowers and decorations and had a budget in mind. That would help us make recommendations that will keep them in their budget and also create arrangements that will provide their desired look for the finished product for their wedding day.’

Another Wedding décor specialist said ‘Bring swatches if you want colors to match; bring pictures of things you have seen that you like, but understand that everything you want may not be available given budget constraints. Think about and talk with your fiancé about what is the most important.’

A Florist said “We wish brides knew too many colors can be like a circus…COLOR PHILOSOPHY – Decorating a space in terms of color we use the 60-30-10 rule divided into percentages for example 60% Deep Velvet Red, 30% Cymbidium Green, 10% Pink Champagne”

Lesson: Know your budget breakdowns and bring in all those photos you have been looking at in the magazines and take advice!

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